"To Promote Whanau Independence'

Mission Statement

'Aligning Services with Whanau that Promotes & Encourages Independents'

Vanessa Lowndes Centre is under the umbrella of Turanga Health.

We cater to all people who may experience any form of disability. Our focus is Mental Health. V.L.C. is committed to providing a range of options and choices to consumers of physical, intellectual and mental illness.

V.L.C. 2013 and beyond aims to provide activities that will:

  • Provide opportunities to enhance Life Skills.
  • Increase Client participation in the community.
  • Build community networks for clients.
  • Integrate clients into the wider community.
  • Build client confidence.
  • Provide opportunities that will enhance employment prospects.
  • Promote independence.

The key features of the services are:

Choice and Flexibility.

Working in Partnership.

  • We operate from a Wellness Model 'Te Whare Tapa Wha', which means we have a holistic approach to people, their health, and wellbeing.
  • We model Partnership, Protection and Participation under the Articles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, in accordance with the Principles of Recovery and the Code of Rights for Health and Disability Services.




Whanau Hui and Karakia starts at 8.30am, and all modules operate from

8.30am ' 3.30pm




8.30 ' 8.45am

Karakia & Whanau Hui.

8.45 ' 10.00am

Module Choice.

10.00 ' 10.30am

Morning Tea.

10.30 ' 12.00pm

Module Choice.

12.00 ' 1.00pm


1.00 ' 3.00pm

Module Choice.

3. ' 3.30pm

Karakia & Whanau Hui.


Friday is set aside for the purpose of participating in the community, recreation and social interaction.

Our aim is to provide opportunities outside of Vanessa Lowndes Centre that will allow Whanau the ability to access services in the wider community.

Activities include:

Diving, Camping, Marae Noho, Fishing, Eeling, Horse Riding, Olympic Pools, Sports, Kayaking, Waka Ama, Trips, Kanikani, Guest Speakers, Factory Visits, etc.



Vanessa Lowndes Centre Module Timetable 2013



Module Start Date

Module Finish Date

Module 1: 12 weeks

Monday 11th January

Thursday 1st April

Module Break: 1 week

Monday 5th April

Friday 9th April

Module 2: 11 weeks

Monday 12th April

Friday 24th June

Module Break: 1 week

Monday 28th June

Friday 2nd July

Module 3: 12 weeks

Monday 5th July

Friday 24th September

Module Break: 1 week

Monday 27th September

Friday 1st October

Module 4: 10 weeks

Monday 4th October

Friday 10th December


Statutory Holidays 2013:

  • Auckland Anniversary: 29 th January
  • Waitangi Day: 6 th February
  • Good Friday: 2 nd April
  • Easter Monday: 5 th April
  • ANZAC Day: 25 th April
  • Queen's Birthday: 7 th June
  • Labour Day: 25 th October



Supported Accommodation.

V.L.C. offers support to Whanau who need assistance in finding accommodation, either in renting, boarding, residential housing or supported accommodation.

We will assist with meeting prospective landlord, bond agreements, tenancy agreements, etc. We will also assist in the 'Moving In' Process.

Practical Support.

V.L.C offers practical support to Whanau when dealing with services such as

Housing N. Z., WINZ, Inland Revenue, Banking Services, Doctor's Appointment, CMHT Appointments or any Government Agency.

If you need financial advice or support, we offer budgeting services. We have qualified staff that can help.

Supported Education.

V.L.C. offers support to all Whanau who wish to join the work force through Vanessa Employment Services, initiating the beginning process toward supported employment by encouraging based around work ready requirements toward employment opportunities. We will assist you in preparing a Personal Programme Plan aided at accommodating your goals whether in employment or life aspirations. We also offer a Transition Service for High School Students to enter into VLC.

Supported Recreation.

V.L.C. supports Whanau into social activities in and outside normal working hours. These can include attending community performances, sporting events, creative arts, Marae based programmes, Marae Noho, Waka Ama, fishing, Camping, diving, KaniKani, etc.

We encourage people to become involved in the social activities to increase their confidence, and widen their social independence.